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Candidates for employment as Security Officers are required to complete an application that covers a 10-year employment history, education, references, disclosure of past criminal offenses in the last 10 years, suspension/revocation of any licenses and/or permits, and disclosure of discharges from military, law enforcement and correctional agency due to misconduct or incompetence. Candidates are also required to submit a valid driver’s license with their application and possess a valid Unarmed license for unarmed assignments and a valid armed license for armed assignments.

Diversity Commitment

Blue Lion Tactical Solutions, LLC believes in utilizing other small businesses, disabled veteran- owned businesses, women-owned businesses, and minority-owned businesses in support of our company and our contract support efforts and will continue to do so for this proposed agreement. We meet compliance requirements of Affirmative Action and the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Commission. We do not discriminate on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or genetic information in the hiring or promotion process. Approximately 20% of our current workforce meets the diversity criteria by ethnicity, sex, and handicap or disability.

Background Checks

After application submission, a background check is performed for each candidate to certify validity of information submitted in their application. Criminal background checks are performed to investigate the candidate’s criminal history which includes convictions and non-convictions. Candidates are selected or denied based on the type of offenses per our company’s employment denial criteria.
Employment checks are conducted and verified with previous employers to confirm accuracy of submitted information.

Selection of Qualified Personnel

Upon completion of background checks and confirmation of submitted application information as well as validity of licenses and permits, candidates are offered the position for which they applied for. All employees must go through our company’s orientation training for a period of 40 hours to cover general training and company onboarding. After completion of orientation, Officers are issued their uniforms and equipment and are given orders to report to their assigned post at a determined date/time. Due to our screening process and company/employee relationship BLTS experiences very little turn over.

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