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Physical Security & Consulting services

Blue Lion Tactical offers armed and unarmed security guard services to commercial businesses, residential communities, construction sites, places of worship, and other special events. Many of our security officers are current and retired law enforcement as well as retired military personnel. Having uniformed onsite security provides instant problems for a perpetrator and many times will displace the criminal; stopping the crime before it ever occurs.  
On site security provides not only a piece of mind but relieves your company from many liability and insurance issues.

Blue lion Tactical also offers a wide range of security consulting services. As former FBI Agents and Firearms/Tactical Instructors, we have trained thousands of law enforcement officers around the world. We have worked with hundreds of companies and religious organizations to not only investigate and solve crime, but to prepare for the next unthinkable attack. Put our decades of unmatched experience to work for your organization at work and at home.

After a thorough evaluation of your premises, we can aid in the following areas:

- Security & Surveillance planning and equipment installation recommendations
- Executive safety plans and employee awareness briefings
- Active threat force on force, training for security teams (8 hours)

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firearms and tactics training

We are firm believers in the educational approach. We believe that in order to obtain a goal, you need to have a solid plan and an execution strategy. We offer firearms and tactics training packages from beginner up to Law Enforcement and SWAT Operators.  Our firearms and tactical training team is second to none. With over 100 years of combined weapons and tactical experience, each one of our instructors bring a unique skill set to our consulting and training platform. Every single Instructor has either served in a specialized capacity with the United States Military, or as an FBI firearms/tactic’s instructor. Currently all have also served as SWAT or Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) Operators, during their career as a Special Agents with the FBI. Many have served in both capacities.


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executive protection

Blue Lion Tactical provides armed, executive (VIP) protection and security services for domestic and international clients. Our team of highly trained Executive Protection Agents (EPA) bring decades of experience from operations with military special operations units to careers as former FBI Special Agents. In fact, all of our current EP team leaders have previously been assigned to protection details that were responsible for the safety and security for the United States Attorney General and/or the Director of the FBI. We provide discrete and visible static physical protection of VIPs, political, and corporate clients and their interests in low and high threat environments, with unarmed and armed uniformed or plain-clothed agents, covert and overt surveillance, intelligence, and patrolling services. We offer secure transportation, advanced deployment teams as well as Quick Reaction Force (QRF) Teams to respond to any presenting security threats.

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We are firm believers in the educational approach. We believe that in order to obtain a goal, you need to have a solid plan and an execution strategy. We offer Consulting Services on a wide variety of topics for the benefit all of our client's security needs.
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